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Sub-Acute Care
Southern Paarl


Superiour quality care


We provide high-quality FRAIL-care services.

Medical Care

When do you apply for Sub-Acute care?

If you have undergone an operation

If you have had a hip or knee replacement

If you have had a stroke

If you experience problems with heart failure, kidney failure or dehydration

If you require wound care

If you have been diagnosed with pneumonia, bronchitis or lung disease

What does Sub-Acute Care mean?

Sub-acute care is growing medical care service.  It merges the nuance of a hospital and the efficiency of a skilled nursing facility to reduce the cost of services while maintaining the quality of care. Sub-acute care provides intensive rehab services for patients that no longer require critical care, but are not ready to return home. 

Sub-acute is a “step-down” from your typical acute hospital, and we specialise in patient care.

Many nursing facilities are now expanding into the field of subacute care, which serves patients needing complex care or rehabilitation. Subacute care is defined as comprehensive inpatient care designed for someone who has an acute illness, injury or exacerbation of a disease process. It is goal oriented treatment rendered immediately after, or instead of, acute hospitalization to treat one or more specific active complex medical conditions or to administer one or more technically complex treatments, in the context of a person’s underlying long-term conditions and overall situation. 

Generally, the individual’s condition is such that the care does not depend heavily on high- technology monitoring or complex diagnostic procedures. Subacute care requires the coordinated services of an interdisciplinary team including physicians, nurses and other relevant professional disciplines, who are trained and knowledgeable to assess and manage these specific conditions and perform the necessary procedures. Subacute care is given as part of a specifically defined program, regardless of the site. – Reference

Admissions and inquiries

Contact us

Admission directly from your home or GP’s rooms with Medical Aid authorisation.

Treatment in a registered medical facility (approved by the Board of Healthcare Funders) at lower rates, 

with the authorisation of your Medical Aid.

Registered with the Dept. of Health and Dept. of Social Development. 

General Inquiries​

Ms. Miria Verwey (Case Manager), or

Sr. Martie Martin.

Sub-Acute Clinic
1st Ave, De Oude Renbaan 

Southern Paarl, Paarl, 7646
021 863 2202



Please contact: Mr Jack Martin


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